LAWSUITS & DISPUTES A.G.Edwards and Associates PC has decades of experience in the litigation and dispute resolution practice of law. Our litigation experience guides our unique perspective on the many facets of the law in which we engage. Because we represented our clients in so many litigious situations, we bring that expertise to the many other aspects of our representation of our clients' to attempt to limit their exposure to litigation. We have found that in the initial stages of formation of business and other legal relationships the parties are much more amenable to reasonable resolution of potential future disputes. By engaging in the resolution of the "what if" issues in the initial formation of legal relationships it helps to avoid the much more costly litigious situations in the future, when tempers and egos are more likely to control.

If a dispute does arise which cannot be controlled by informal dispute resolution techniques, then vigorous formal representation is our specialty. We pride ourselves in the strong and aggressive nature of our representation of our client's position throughout the litigation process. In our experience an aggressive litigation stance is the most successful way to secure the result that is most advantageous to our client.

Because of our unique perspective at the formation of the underlying relationship, we have drafted the controlling agreements with an eye towards possible litigation; so we have placed our client in the most advantageous position if that eventuality arises. We have been heavily involved and strongly support Alternate Dispute Resolution opportunities to resolve disputes which may arise. Not only are they more cost effective, but also help to may maintain fruitful business and other relationships that formal litigation has a tendency to destroy. Alternate Dispute Resolution can take the form of informal as well as formal processes. As in formal litigation the prior planning at the initial formation of the relationship with an eye towards dispute resolution, will greatly assist in the Alternate Dispute Resolution process, whether in an informal of formal situation.

We would be happy to discuss your litigation and/or dispute resolution issue(s) with you at your convenience.

Some of the areas of litigation and/or dispute that we specialize in include the following:
Litigation; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Dispute Negotiations; Appeals; Dead Lock Resolution; Arbitration; Mediation; and Case Evaluation.