HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE LAW A.G.Edwards and Associates PC has specialized experience in the Medical Arts. We concentrate in representing various aspects of the legal issues that affect the health care industry. We represent various hospitals, medical clinics, medical offices, surgical centers, practitioners, medical service and supply providers, billing and collection businesses. We provide unique practical legal consultation and legal services to this industry, based upon our long years of practice in this field.

Although the health care field has unique characteristics many of our business services translate easily to these endeavors. Our same philosophy of finding real world practical solutions influenced by an extensive litigation background assists our clients to find cost effective solutions to their health and health care legal issues.

We would be happy to discuss your law issues with you at your convenience.

Some of the areas of health and health care law that we specialize in include the following:
Collections; Contracts & Agreements; Insurance Claims; Hospital, Surgery Center, Medical Office, Clinic Contracts/Leases/Formation; Physician Negotiations & Agreements; Provider Negotiations & Employment Agreements, Health Insurance issues; Government Agencies & Programs; Human Resources issues, including Labor Law, Hiring, Benefits, Non Completion, Non Solicitation, Discrimination & Harassment, Safety, and Termination; Medical Advertising and Marketing Law; Supplier Negotiations & Agreements; Medical Based Business Litigation and Purchase and Sale of Medical Practices.