BUSINESS LAW A.G.Edwards and Associates PC has a wide range of business experience in many different areas of business law. Our almost 60 years of combined experience stems from real world day to day handling of client matters for small, medium and large clients in a wide variety of commercial endeavors. These matters involve the complete spectrum of client services from litigation, commercial and business negotiations, the drafting of agreements and contracts, tax analysis, to practical business counseling.

Due to our extensive litigation experience, we approach our clients' issues with an eye towards attempts to avoid litigation, but if it comes to litigation our clients have been placed in the most advantageous position to prevail in the courtroom. We have found that this approach has resulted in vastly lower litigation costs, as potential issues have been addressed in the initial stages of the business relationship. Therefore, there is less uncertainty of the outcome if a business relationship breaks down and results in an adversarial situation.

We would be happy to discuss your business law issue with you at your convenience.

Some of the areas of business law that we specialize in include the following:

Business Operations:
Business & Commercial Litigation; Contract Disputes; Contract and/Agreement Negotiation and Drafting; Sales and Purchase Contracts; Licenses & Permits; Collections; Debtor Creditor issues; Business Financing; Franchising; Insurance Law; Government Contracts; Intellectual Property Law; Human Resources issues, including Labor Law, Hiring, Benefits, Non Completion, Non Solicitation, Discrimination & Harassment, Safety, and Termination.

Business Formation and Planning:
Business Organizations; Sole Proprietorship; Partnerships; Corporations; Limited Liability Companies; Non-Profit Organizations; Business Plans; Succession Planing; Mergers & Acquisitions; and Sales/Purchase of Businesses.

Other Specific Areas of Practice:
Business Litigation; Gaming Law; Internet -- Cyberspace Law; Advertising Law; Commercial Real Estate and Development; Copyright, Patent, & Trademark Law; Science & Technology Law; Medical & Health Care Law; Antitrust & Trade Regulation; Energy Law; and Taxation.