ADVERTISING LAW, A.G.Edwards and Associates PC has specialized experience in Advertising law. We concentrate in representing various aspects of the legal issues that affect the advertising community. We represent various advertising agencies, marketing firms, sub contactors and businesses that utilize these services throughout the spectrum of the various mediums prevalent in today’s market place. These include, to name a few, print media (large and small), electronic media, social media and broadcast advertising (television and radio). We are involved in all aspects of advertising and marketing issues, from agency contacts and agreements, to individual campaigns, and all the variables in between. We provide agency agreements, talent releases, sub-contractor arrangements, Rules of Use and Terms of Use disclosures for web sites and social media sites, rules of contests, ongoing advertising legal review, as well as various other services to this community.

With our unique familiarity with this community we are also able to address the unique business issues that affect the business legal issues of the members of the advertising and marketing community.
We would be happy to discuss your advertising and/or marketing law issue with you at your convenience.
Some of the areas of advertising and marketing law that we specialize in include the following:
Communications & Media Law; Intellectual Property; Copyright; Trademark; Advertising Liability Review; Agency Agreements; Electronic and Social Media issues; Sub-contractor Agreements; Talent Agreements; In House Marketing issues; and other Specific Business Issues that are unique to the Advertising and Marketing Community.