A.G. Edwards and Associates, PC, is a law firm made up of tough business litigators and other business attorneys, with practical real world solutions for all business issues. In addition to litigation, A.G. Edwards and Associates, PC provides a wide variety of legal services to business of all sizes and as well as their principals. Some of these services include: transactional and contractual work; business and division formation; acquisition and sales issues; collections; business documents and forms; real estate purchases, sales and leasing; partner or shareholder dispute resolution; employee fraud and a full range of taxation representation advice, as well as management succession and estate planning.
A.G. Edwards and Associates, PC provides a unique approach to providing legal services to a wide variety of business of all sizes and configurations. A.G. Edwards and Associates, PC works with the principals to establish mission objectives and specific long term goals in a strategic and tactical mission oriented manner keeping a strict eye towards maintaining realistic economic goals and parameters established initially and modified through out the process.

Business Operations:
Business & Commercial Litigation; Contract Disputes; Contract and/Agreement Negotiation and Drafting; Sales and Purchase Contracts; Licenses & Permits; Collections; Debtor Creditor issues; Business Financing; Franchising; Insurance Law; Government Contracts; Intellectual Property Law; Human Resources issues, including Labor Law, Hiring, Benefits, Non Completion, Non Solicitation, Discrimination & Harassment, Safety, and Termination.

Business Formation and Planning:
Business Organizations; Sole Proprietorship; Partnerships; Corporations; Limited Liability Companies; Non-Profit Organizations; Business Plans; Succession Planning; Mergers & Acquisitions; and Sales/Purchase of Businesses.

Other Specific Areas of Practice:
Business Litigation; Gaming Law; Internet -- Cyberspace Law; Advertising Law; Commercial Real Estate and Development; Copyright, Patent, & Trademark Law; Science & Technology Law; Medical & Health Care Law; Antitrust & Trade Regulation; Energy Law; and Taxation.

HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE LAW: Collections; Contracts & Agreements; Insurance Claims; Hospital, Surgery Center, Medical Office, Clinic Contracts/Leases/Formation; Physician Negotiations & Agreements; Provider Negotiations & Employment Agreements, Health Insurance issues; Government Agencies & Programs; Human Resources issues, including Labor Law, Hiring, Benefits, Non Completion, Non Solicitation, Discrimination & Harassment, Safety, and Termination; Medical Advertising and Marketing Law; Supplier Negotiations & Agreements; Medical Based Business Litigation and Purchase and Sale of Medical Practices.

ADVERTISING LAW: Communications & Media Law; Intellectual Property; Copyright; Trademark; Advertising Liability Review; Agency Agreements; Electronic and Social Media issues; Sub-contractor Agreements; Talent Agreements; In House Marketing issues; and other Specific Business Issues that are unique to the Advertising and Marketing Community.

REAL ESTATE and CONSTRUCTION LAW: Construction Law, Construction Lien, Foreclosure, Homeowners/ Condominium Associations, Housing & Construction Defects, Land Use & Zoning, Boundary lines, Real Estate Development, Title Work, Deeds, Closings, Zoning, Title Insurance, Title Policy, Boundary Disputes, Prescriptive Easement, Adverse Possession, Landlord Tenant, Neighbors, Natural Resources Law, State, Local & Municipal Law, Environmental Law, Housing & Construction Defects

LAWSUITS & DISPUTES:Litigation; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Dispute Negotiations; Appeals; Dead Lock Resolution; Arbitration; Mediation; and Case Evaluation.

INSURANCE LAW: All types of Insurance Claims; Insurance Coverage issues; Property Insurance Claims; Sworn Statements; the Appraisal Process; Arson Investigations; Fraud Investigations; Insurance Agent issues; Repair Issues; and Title Insurance issues.

ESTATE PLANNING: Guardianship; Living Wills; Power of Attorney; Probate; Trusts; Durable Powers of Attorney; Wills; Elder Law; Medical Powers of Attorney; Estate and Trust Administration; Taxation; and representation before the Internal Revenue Service.